Turbinicarpus photographs

There is also a section of Notocactus photographs on another page. If you have any comments or requests for missing species, then feel free to email me or use the comments form. Also check out these other sites which include photos of Turbinicarpus.
Turbinicarpus divided into the following sections:
Klinkerianus aggregate [T. schmiedickeanus ssp. klinkerianus FPAN 216] klinkerianus
klinkerianus SB 275
klinkerianus FPAN 216
klinkerianus 'El Huizache'
klinkerianus 'Huizache'
klinkerianus 'Las Flores'
klinkerianus 'lilinkeuiduus'
klinkerianus fa. schwarzii
klinkerianus fa. schwarzii 'Kohres'
klinkerianus fa. schwarzii BZ 12
klinkerianus fa. schwarzii 'La Royen'
schmiedickeanus ssp. bonatzii
macrochele 'Huizache'
T. spec. TU 16
Lophophoroides aggregate [T. lophophoroides FPAN 329] hoferi HO 434
laui L 1111
laui 'Tepozan'
lophophoroides BZ 25
lophophoroides FPAN 329
rioverdensis ssp. paoli
Macrochele aggregate [T. macrochele] macrochele
macrochele 'El Fraile, Dr. Arroyo'
macrochele ssp. frailensis Z 70
macrochele 'Buena Vista'
macrochele fa. polaskii
macrochele fa. polaskii BZ 46 'La Bonita'
macrochele fa. polaskii 'SW La Bonita'
macrochele var. screvispinus
Mandragora aggregate [T. mandragora ssp. subterraneus FPAN 340] mandragora ssp. booleanus
mandragora ssp. subterraneus
mandragora ssp. subterraneus FPAN 340
mandragora ssp. zaragozae
mandragora ssp. zaragozae P 364
Pseudomacrochele aggregate [T. pseudomacrochele] pseudomacrochele
pseudomacrochele 'Bernal'
pseudomacrochele 'Cardonal'
pseudomacrochele var. albiflorus 'Vista Hermosa'
pseudomacrochele ssp. krainzianus
pseudomacrochele ssp. krainzianus 'roseoflorus'
pseudomacrochele ssp. lausseri
pseudomacrochele ssp. minimus
pseudomacrochele var. sphacellatus
Saueri aggregate [T. mandragora ssp. beguinii CSD 152] gielsdorfianus
horripilus SB 168
knuthianus Z 161
mandragora ssp. beguinii CSD 152
mandragora ssp. beguinii DJF 761.37
mandragora ssp. beguinii FPAN 324
mandragora ssp. beguinii var. senilis MG 445
mandragora ssp. pailanus L 1035
roseiflorus (Hybrid)
roseiflorus var. albiflorus (Hybrid)
saueri ssp. nelissae Z 169
andersonii PAN 68 x saueri ssp. nelissae Z 169
viereckii CSD 52
viereckii HK 377
viereckii Z 164
viereckii ssp. major
viereckii ssp. major L 730
Schmiedickeanus aggregate [T. schmiedickeanus] alonsoi
schmiedickeanus SB 755
ssp. andersonii PAN 68 (panarottoi)
ssp. flaviflorus
ssp. gracilis
ssp. gracilis SB 273
ssp. rubriflorus
Valdezianus aggregate [T. valdezianus 'Monclova'] pseudopectinatus
pseudopectinatus ssp. jarmilae
pseudopectinatus ssp. jarmilae FPAN 284
valdezianus 'Monclova'
valdezianus 'Saltillo'
x mombergeri
Turbinicarpus in habitat [T. mandragora ssp. beguinii hintoniorum] mandragora ssp. beguinii 'south of Monclova'
mandragora ssp. beguinii from near San Rafael, Galaena
mandragora ssp. beguinii hintoniorum
mandragora ssp. booleanus
mandragora ssp. zaragozae
pseudopectinatus 'Galeana'
saueri ssp. gonzalezii
saueri ssp. nieblae
saueri ssp. nelissae
saueri ssp. septentrionalis
saueri ssp. ysabelae
schmiedickeanus ssp. andersonii (panarottoi)
schmiedickeanus ssp. klinkerianus 'Las Flores'
valdezianus 'Monclova' dickisoniae

More pictures

I have added a complete List of Files for this section, that gives a short description of each file, together with the size and last modified date.

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