Welcome To The Turbinicarpus Information Exchange

This site is intended to be a place for Turbophiles to meet and exchange information.

I have put this site together to help me better understand this wonderful Genus and as I am not a Turbinicarpus expert I cannot guarantee that the information it contains is up to date or whether it is accurate. If you see anything that is obviously inaccurate, if you have anything you think may be of use or see that something is missing, then please Let Me Know.

This site includes within Turbinicarpus the genera Normanbokea, Gymnocactus and Rapicactus. But excludes those plants in Neolloydia in the narrow sense. Information on other "related" genera eg. Pelecyphora, Encephalocarpus, Epithelantha, Strombocactus, Ortagocactus and Obregonia may be added in the future or if I get any requests.

What Is Available ?

I have added a complete List of Files for this section, that gives a short description of each file, together with the files size and last modified dates.

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