The position of the Genus Turbinicarpus within the Plant Kingdom

The genus Turbinicarpus can be classified as follows: (Information taken from various sources)
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta (was Spermatophyta)
A seed bearing plant.
Class: Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledonous plants)
Seed bearing plants that have two cotyledons.
Order: Caryophyllales
Perfect flowers, leaves opposite or whorled, ovary generally superior, fruit a capsule, petals sometimes absent.
Family: Cactaceae A.L de Jussieu.
For a full description of the family Cactaceae see: The Families of Flowering Plants - Cactaceae
Sub-Family: Cactoideae K. Schumann.
Flowers sessile, without proliferous flower axis. Ovary inferior. Seeds with thin, hard black to light and soft testa. Body shape extremely varied. Leaf blades nearly always completely reduced.
Tribe: VII. Cacteae
Flowers regular, rarely zygomorphic. Pericarpel usually scally and with woolly or hairy areoles. Receptacle-tube without areoles, elongate, scaly or scales almost absent, or with a leafy crown, the pericarpel then naked. Stem short, columnar, globose or flattened, very large to dwarf, ribbed or tuberculate. Areoles monomorphic or dimorphic. Flowers arising from areoles or the upper part of a double areole (furrow, axil).
Genus: Turbinicarpus Buxbaum and Backeberg
Small, globose to shortly-cylindric, occasionally sprouting from the base. Tubercles low. Areoles often with curved or twisted, sometimes papery, flexible central spines, Flowers solitary or several together around the apex, funnel-shaped, white to pink or yellowish. Pericarpel with a few scales, rarely with a few wooly hairs and bristles in their axils, usually naked and glabrous. Fruit globose to ovoid, berry-like, later dry, occasionally with isolated scale remains, otherwise naked, splitting at the base or laterally, floral remains deciduous or persistent. Seeds ovoid, often with pronounced crest; seed coat black, verrucose.

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